About The Love Alchemy

The Love Alchemy

The Love Alchemy was born from a deep desire to create a place, a space and a community where all pathways are weaved into one. where different modalities and practices could be merged into one Living, Breathing Alchemical process.

Whether your looking for a detox protocols, dietary advice, Bio Resonance Health Scans and Therapies,  a healing session, a bodywork session, soulful and emotional work.

Or if your searching for an online community to really dig deep and heal, the Love Alchemy has it all.

"When Life gives you Lemons, suck the juice right out of that experience and see how truly sweet life can be". ~ Keridwen IshqSophia


Keriwden IshqSophia

The Founder of The Love Alchemy, Creatrix and Channel for Radical Wellness

Keri is a born Mystic, Healer, Alchemist and Wisewoman. Her passion for inspiring others to see their own unique potential and empower them to step into a fully embodied, healthy, vibrant way of living, is truly remarkable.

Keri was born with the gift of Sight, of Gnosis and the ablitity to commune with all realms. She walks the pathways beween Heaven, Earth and the Underworld.

Having over 20 years experience working with people and animals, teaching workshops around the world, running online groups and having studied over 20 different therapies and modalities, she weaves all of her Wisdom, Knowledge and Passion into creating a very unique way of Facilitating and Treating.

This is her lifes passion and her lifes work and this shows through with everyone and every animal she has ever had the pleasure of working with.


Lucy is a born healer with a huge compassionate heart for helping others.

She has studied many different energy therapies over the last 12 years including Jikiden Reiki, Tarot, Crystals and working with the Angelic Realms. She has learnt alot throughout her childhood and adult life, spending her days playing with crystals, dancing with freedom and surrounded by amazing people each with a unique gift.

She also has a deep connection to Animals, Nature and the Goddess. A wild woman with a strong voice for the natural world and all those that inhabit it.

Lucy's passion is travelling and discovering new places, different cultures and ways of living.

Lucy is incredibly talented at organising, she ran the largest Spiritual Store in the South East of England, managing the shop and staff. She also used her creative gifts to organise Events, not just at the store, but at Wedding Venues across Kent. She has been many peoples right hand within her career, She weaves all of these gifts together and brings her compassionate creative energy into her work, bringing this support in to the Radical Wellness family. Not only supporting the team but also to everyone that joins the family on their own path.