Alice Pead

Meet Alice

Weaver of Vibrational and Energetic Therapies

Alice first came to yoga by healing her own chronic back pain through yoga. She has a caring teaching style, communicating her passion for yoga with clarity. Her yoga training began in Hatha yoga and Chi-Gung in 2008, with continued training in 2012. She brings in additional elements from Chi-Gung to enhance your yoga practice, helping you to achieve greater balance by working with the body’s, earth’s and universal energy system.


Alongside helping you to achieve all-body toning, strength and balance through asanas, Alice creates a deeply restorative and peaceful environment for meditation, in which you will achieve maximum relaxation, relieving stress and deepening your connection to self and spirit. With practice, you may tap the power and peace that your mind is capable of, and these capabilities will accompany you off the mat.


Since Alice came across dōTERRA essential oils she has become so completely amazed by their physical and emotional benefits that she now runs workshops educating how to incorporate these oils into your everyday life for health and happiness. Alice uses dōTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils in her yoga classes to enhance the experience for example soothing and calming or energizing and uplifting, incorporating more of your senses.


Services offered


1-2-1 Yoga & Chi-Gung Classes

Group Yoga & Chi-Gung, Meditation Classes & Online Classes

Kids Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation, Art Workshops